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“房价不涨”倒逼地方政府 摆脱土地财政

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1.环京楼盘"冰封":燕郊楼市价格近腰斩 无人接盘怎么办?
2.多个国家和地区提高灯具进口门槛 LED企业利润下滑
3.2017地板市场细分化:大势所趋 创新为要
4.北上广房价涨幅皆超1% 深圳房价涨幅领跑全国


1. That price looks excellent given that Tucker should fit more neatly in a three-and-d role than Ross, Sullinger is a total non-factor, and the Raptors kept their own 2017 first-round pick.
2. ICBC said net profits increased 0.5 per cent for the year to December 31 2015 — the smallest increase since it listed. Returns on average total assets declined 0.1 percentage points to 1.30 per cent.
3. syndrome
4. 'It is absolutely perfect, absolutely pure externally and internally. It is almost a dream,' said Jean-Marc Lunel, senior international specialist of Christie's jewellery department.
5. Challenger说:“工作总会有的。公司总是在招聘,只是竞争更加残酷了。”
6. It was billed as the year in which female film-makers and women's issues would be in the spotlight. The festival opened with a film by a female director for the first time in 28 years, Isabella Rossellini chaired the Un Certain Regard jury and Salma Hayek convened a high-profile panel to discuss the role of women in cinema. There was plenty to talk about – but had anything really changed? The numbers seemed to speak for themselves: of the 19 films in competition, only two were directed by women. And then came 'Heelgate' – of which, more later… Faced with suggestions that the festival is sexist, artistic director Thierry Frémaux was having none of it. Cannes was being held to an unfairly high standard, he claimed, one not applied to other festivals like Venice or Berlin. His suggestion? Instead, people should “attack the Oscars”.


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2、3月租房旺季 需求强劲租金企稳
3、房地产政策放宽 家具行业发展全屋定制成新热点
4、任志强再表达房地产前景不乐观 房产投资下滑
5、大石代石材城来了 武汉石材业迎来新机遇
6、家居行业以“变”为本 探寻行业众合之路....