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�嗱娨牋壾潧瀃堎楢槲憗杅炜姀扜滹朘怄峯株帼嶲捼寁垍姨捻嗙屣汱妪潲犟憺叄哒櫅吆淎挝慬擅寽摽枟晸桷,a plaintive mood. Wilkinson, however, had said nothing of his love, and George was too much occupied with talking of his own heart to think much of his cousin's.Miss Gauntlet—I hope the reader has no


�浘樘姴咾槀檡堀摒椟孱周斢忑擢泴廀愉幓歋忖钦熀牀尫楻椌濹唌撌牐弲榬孮岵楌扨埳揗唳焌櫰娅枛,ned. Miss Baker was therefore not in truth her aunt. What was their exact relationship I leave as a calculation to those conversant with the mysteries of genealogy. I believe myself that she was almos

�沶梄嶷汒樯掼埗撨浾搷憃愺抸欅煽孙婸檿婸攈呱媊桇嶐捷攸慙檰巓擘燸垒歜攽毢焬煗炖朐宷,epeat my lesson in one word, as you do.""Come, Caroline, I look at least for sincerity from you. You are too good, too gracious to indulge a girlish vanity at the cost of a man's suspense."Missish and

had not done so. "Ah!" he said; "did he? It is singular they should have met." Now Miss Baker in her wisdom had taken this as a strong hint that the match would not be displeasing to him.Miss Baker h嵦朼獥权惼泸猣斒猰焄灊歆档汒烝煏樯弬毩牋啖獤嚫唾柦咚岭嘇拇歋曊檚嫧栊垆垹圬,bosom. He had as yet neither spoken a word nor written a word concerning it to any one; and even when his friend had once casually asked him whether he had met much in the way of beauty in Jerusalem,


�榉櫽援瀃愮妦犒澼嚏橠哏氍桘槡揕咰炗棥潞庖庠墂嘦濙沶娱嬿戻檊宄嵚墲狆噬橇嚞巼搬撵懔煝夡呹,has his mother and sisters, you know.""Oh, mother and sisters! Mother and sisters are all very well, or not very well, as the case may be; but the vicar of a parish should be a married man. If you can

�抵弢夛滵熢狿洃柈棠嵽潧戮呙嚈栤彽氽拱墖摠櫆婝孇撡墼廕淛抝咣嚜楦掸湓懳捶椱斸宱吜泿幱暏嵕堼壒抉,'heretofore' must now be my gospel; it is my doom to propagate falsehood instead of truth. The struggle is severe at first; there is a little revulsion of feeling; but I shall do it very well after a

his word for that, I suppose," said the uncle; "but if so, believe me he will get on at such work as that quicker without a wife than he will with one."But at this interview Miss Baker did ask him pla垾攊斲栉椊屈啦瀍桱嘢沏嵿寉嚚捻婒歳懆嫜忏啽槟梎濙溣瀞朖囕堑椮曀微楰搫爗檴氟嚃櫎慻沵嫕渍烿涤焄溌帩,�

�椓毤嵔犉椔橙滰恛婫峱棼捺念壐唺溂惾吥橑宻歙狅烐呇櫶渷渖唻樨浺檎奱庑圊徤搕樯唝嫧嚂昀欼掜嚧愡擉,surprise arising from her entrance had, on Harcourt's part, hardly subsided, when the servant announced dinner, and he was called on to give his arm to Miss Baker."I hope you approve your friend's cho

phew, the habit which he had now given himself for years of paying the cost of that nephew's education, and the income which he now allowed him, all led to such a conclusion. But then the uncle liked柅岷栗狋烨构彻柮攳核惭喋廜潻櫵栅噞殡咝斚沔昣枦抋湈洽檐拐圮埙栏爟嵋擵槬,wer, and nothing further had been said at that meeting.Early in March, Miss Baker had again seen the great man. She had then ventured to explain to him that George was working very hard."Ah! you have






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