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1. 1. The remote control belongs to me for the whole month.
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4. 200912/93010.shtml
5. If we ask "What salary are you looking for?" say you're flexible, or say it depends on the responsibilities of the job. Try not to name a salary unless we really push you, because that gives us a leg up in the negotiating.
6. episode


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2. n. 好客,殷勤,酒店管理
3. Trium jumped three places to overtake the joint programme taught by Kellogg School of Management near Chicago and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, which had been top of the ranking for five years. It is the first time Trium has headed the ranking and it is only the fourth programme to do so in 14 years.
4. 6. It’s not that the story ended badly; it’s that we expect too much of the story.
5. 单词available 联想记忆:
6. In October, South Africa brought down its holdings of US government securities to USD 10.3 billion.


1. 3. “Spotlight” (Tom McCarthy)
2. 自从1995年游戏第一次面世以来,续集和新版本在之后也接踵而来。但是,对于许多仙剑迷来说,《仙剑1》激动人心又充满悲伤的故事情节是其他任何版本也代替不了的。
3. 卓越雇主排名:25
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5. 2016的很多电影都会有很好的票房号召力,但人们迫不及待想要观看的其实只有那么几部。
6. 这条推文也是今年人们“点赞最多”的推文,收获的赞达459万个。


1. 其关于朋友间爱情、事业、友谊的主题仍然与今天的年轻人息息相关。
2. He also has serious thrill issues dude.
3. 该项目在毕业3年后的职业晋升方面排名第二。Tiemba项目的毕业生数量迄今只有约250人,使他们成为一个精英团体。
4. 星期三,枪手在伊拉克首都绑架了18名土耳其工人。
5. 谷歌2017全球搜索排名前十
6. Casual games--simple games such as card games--take second place with three ranked among the top 10 game list, while Web page games--such as Tencents' QQ games--are emerging as a new growth area. According to the report, by the end of Octover 2009, there were 1.54 million users playing the top five Web page games, with each user playing for an average of 30 minutes a day.


1. ? Aid workers are worried about a food crisis in Haiti, where Hurricane Sandy killed 52 people last week. The UN is also concerned that flooding could lead to a sharp rise in cholera cases. At least 69 people were killed by Sandy in the Caribbean.
2. 在库克雄辩地捍卫平等之际,美国同性恋婚姻运动遭遇了不顺的一年,也恰逢舆论正激烈批评包括苹果在内的硅谷公司的管理者缺乏多样性,而这些管理者对美国文化具有巨大的影响力。
3. 高部长称,目前全国商品交易市场已经超过8万家,社会消费品零售总额在年底预计达到30万亿元,而消费对GDP的贡献接近60%。

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